How it Works

When an individual comes to Khalil Center seeking its Web-Based services, he/she can request a session with any one of our providers. An initial session will be scheduled. This initial session is composed of gathering information concerning the presenting problem and the historical background of the individual. In the case of a couple or family, there will be 3 initial sessions designed to gather appropriate background data prior to counseling/therapy. In the first session both individuals are requested to be present (unless either partner wants to start off with individual sessions) and the presenting problem and relationship history will be gathered. After this first session, separate individual sessions will be scheduled with both partners. During the course of these sessions, the therapist will provide appropriate recommendations as to the level and type of intervention that is best suited for the client(s). A follow up session will be scheduled to begin the therapeutic process.

Note that, online therapy will ONLY be offered in instances where there is low risk (not actively suicidal, homicidal, absence of domestic violence, etc). Appropriateness for services will be determined in the initial session. If an individual is determined to be high risk and is deemed inappropriate for online services, then he/she may still be eligible for coaching and consultation on the condition that he/she is receiving face-to-face mental health treatment elsewhere to meet their pressing concerns.

All case history and content is keep strictly confidential in accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations and your respective state laws.

Currently, Web-Based therapy can ONLY be provided for clients in Illinois and California due to inter-State licensure restrictions. However, consultation and coaching can be offered nation-wide.